Saturday, October 3, 2009

Busy Day

On our way to the Children's Orchard, Christian fell asleep! Thus, Craig waited in the car with him while I searched for the right items to complete Christian's winter wardrobe. I along with Craig were hoping he would sleep for a little while since we were in for a long day of running errands! After finishing my shopping, it was onto the Green Valley Library.
This was Christian's first trip to the library! He liked the books, but loved the puzzles. As Craig searched for books, Christian and I sat at the table and completed every kids puzzle the library had! It was great to watch him put a piece in the right place then say I did it mama! By this time, we were all hungry. The fuel from our pancake breakfast was wearing off, so we were off to Panera Bread for some lunch.
Craig and I have been on a Panera Bread kick lately! I thinks it has something to do with a chill in the air now that we are entering the fall season, but regardless I love this time of year. There soups and sandwiches are wonderful. Our favorites are the creamy tomato and broccoli and cheddar. In addition, they serve the best tasting and most nutritious kids lunches around! After refueling, we were off to find Christian a Halloween costume.
As we entered the Halloween store, Christian loved seeing the ghosts and goblins. He kept saying mama and daddy look at the monsters! Needless to say, he was not scared. After a little searching, we found his costume. He is going to be a boxer. For some reason, this makes me think of all the times that my twin sister and I asked our parents for a set of boxing gloves. I can say that request fell on deaf ears! I now know why!
Although today was busy, it was still filled with family and fun! There is nothing better than that!

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Angie Larkin said...

Fun to see what you are up to Shell! You'll love looking back on this blog in the future.